Wednesday, May 04, 2016


First, the last from my recent post:
"Here’s the funny thing in this election: The REPUBLICANS are running Donald Trump, as godless as any
Democrat, full of pride and known to accept many of the Democrat positions over the years. He does not ‘kowtow’ to anyone, most especially the Religionists on the Right. 
Perfect candidate for 2016."
What motivates your politics/vote?
Are you 'thrilled' with your presumptive choice, or is it more like "Yeah, my team stinks, but the other side is worse!"?
Is it LOVE for Hillary
Hate for Trump that moves you?
It it LOVE for Trump
Hate for Hillary?
Everyone's minds should be made up by now-both candidates have been in the public eye for decades.
The next shout up in our national giggle-fort: who will be the Veeps?
I could see Donald Trump picking his daughter Ivanka.
I joked a while ago that John Kasich would say "YES! YES! A Thousand times YES!" if Hillary
offered him the job. He definitely needs a job.

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Doug said...

I've said before that we shouldn't allow our emotions to rule our lives.
If Dems find that they don't Hate Cruz quite as much now that he's dropped out of the race,that's normal. Dem leadership ginned up hate towards a threat; Cruz is no longer a threat.
The point is: a LOT of emotion on both sides is fueled by hatred of the opposition rather then love for their own candidate. I wish they would cut it out, but that is the nature of the beast.