Saturday, May 07, 2016

America Should Be More Like Baseball

Been said before, but it's my turn at bat:

In Baseball, skill and ability are respected, and a players race never trumps the team colors.
That is loyalty. Baseball must be and is color-blind.

In Baseball, the Judiciary (Umpires) are strict Constitutionalists-they can not make up their own laws OR decide which rules are 'right' or 'wrong', to be enforced or ignored. 

In Baseball, Owners and Players (Senate and House) work together to protect and defend Baseball.
Each side doesn't spend billions of dollars to frustrate 'the other' side. 

In Baseball, the Commissioner does his job so well that you don't even know his name. He doesn't
hold 'beer summits' to try to enforce his personal agenda. 

Baseball is doing much right-they have 100% employment, year after year. AND NO DEBT!

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