Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's Just Sad, Man

I like the show well enough. It's been on for years, and the formula is fine-two guys criss-cross the country, looking for gold amongst the accumulated dross of earlier generations.
The guys, Frank and Mike, generally meet two main types-characters who have collected stuff during their lifetime, who now need to sell, or those related to a character who has passed on who now have to deal with their stuff.
So, what is sad?
The characters. The collectors who have filled their lives with stuff. The stuff itself, some of which has some value.
I have known people who have filled their lives with STUFF. None of it fits in a coffin.
Many of the 'characters' yuk it up for the camera, 'colorful old coots' (of both genders) who attempt
to extract top dollar from Mike and Frank, as if getting 30 dollars more for a coffee grinder from 1923 will somehow make them "Winners".
Full disclosure: I have Stuff which I value, especially items handed down from my family.
But I know that I will leave it all behind someday. My treasure is waiting in Heaven, where thief cannot break in nor moth destroy.
Mike and Frank could go through my house in two minutes, and then ask, "Do you have any more stuff?"
Somewhat related is the "Gold conundrum".
Invest in GOLD! Make it part of your portfolio!
So...let's play. I buy $5000.00 worth of Gold. Put it in the secret little door upstairs at my house.
What can I do with the Gold? Keep it? Sell it? If I keep it, I have now taken $5000.00 of my wealth out of circulation. If I sell it, I may get my money back, but then why buy the Gold in the first place?
Also, Gold does funny things to people. It might even lead some knucklehead to break in to my house, looking for it. Many have killed for less valued possessions.
Bottom line: your life is not defined by the stuff you have. None of it has eternal value. None.
But there is better than gold wealth available to all who cherish their lives. Eternally.

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