Monday, May 16, 2016

Doug's Mid-terms

Rather than showing a ver' young Doug to kick this off, I was approx 19 when I took this picture of a statue cat in Bergen, Norway. Most of my life was ahead of me then.
Up at the top of a hill/park that same day I found another cat posing on top of a little boat.
Mid-terms now, partway through my life...and life is good. I have a good house, a good job, nearly no debt-all from the hand of God, Who takes care of His children.
I'm not bragging. Every time I would start with the brag, God would humble me a little harder.
No, it's not brag-I'm Grateful. On this side of Eternity, God meets our needs and sometimes blesses us with our wants, just because He loves us.
On the other side of Eternity, Blessings upon blessing upon blessings, more than we can comprehend.
One of them is no sin staining us anymore. Another is our fellowship with our Creator throughout
eternity. If you've ever wanted to live in a perfect world, with zero fear, or crime or heartbreak...that world is ahead of us, though we can't see it from our mid-terms.
God still saves sinners, and that is the most amazing thing that we can comprehend. 

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Doug said...

May God richly Bless you today.