Wednesday, June 01, 2016

How About A Little Truth For A Change?

Wednesday Night is FUN Night!
Thought this could be interactively interesting:
Okay, so most of us know at least a little bit about the comic goddess Wonder Woman.
Amongst her arsenal of crime fighting goodies is her Golden Lasso.
ANYONE encircled in that rope must fully obey WW and, when asked any question...
must tell the absolute truth!
Interactive time:
Wonder Woman is standing ready to rope and question any/all of the perps shown.
Pick one, ask your question, and also share the answer you think you would get.
Doug asks, "Hillary-who do you think will win in November?"
and the answer I expect, if she cannot lie, is "Trump".
Here's your opportunity-what Q would you ask Trump or the others if he or they had to answer truthfully?
There is no scorekeeping, because we are all winners. Have at it!

1 comment:

Doug said...

I know that there is a 'new' Wonder Woman on screen-but I haven't seen the movie, and good old 1970's Diana Prince does just fine.