Friday, June 24, 2016

Best News I've Heard All Week

Congrats to United Kingdom for throwing off the chains of the European Union!
Let the modern day King Georges of the E.U. get MAD...I don't care.
Sure, the U.S. stock markets dived down tremendously...just means that this is a
great time to invest, so buy! Buy! BUY!
President Obama had "WARNED" the U.K. that if they did choose to leave the E.U., they
would go "Back to the end of the line" regarding trade agreements with the U.S.
I'm assuming that President Obama's psychosis has degenerated into full blown Solipsism.
He may leave office in January right into the safe haven of a padded room. Visitors allowed every other Tuesday.
Back to the Good News-just as it is a bad idea to co-sign a loan for someone who has no financial discipline, the United Kingdom will no longer be tied to the loser Countries of that same stripe-Greece, are your ears burning?
May Germany follow the U.K. out of that amalgamation of despairs.

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