Thursday, June 09, 2016

Competitive Presidentializing

The local rhubarb getting the vapors concerns 'fears' that Hilly or Trumpy would 'be the Worst President EVER!"
Hold on, Peanut.
Franky (Swifty) Pierce would be hard to beat.
A pro-Slavery Northerner whose own party decided to "go another direction" rather than support him for re-election.
Think about that.
We've had a couple of "one termers" in our lifetime, but to be so bad that your own party dumps you out of the Oval Office?
Relax on the "If ______ wins, we're DOOOOOOOMMMED!" jargon.
We've survived worse.

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Doug said...

Atheists will disagree, but God is in control of every molecule of His Creation, which includes such trifles as an election.
God put President Obama in office for His own good purposes, and if He decides to put Clinton OR Trump in power, so be it.