Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"He Is Not Mad At You"

"He Is Not Mad At You".
Looks like a positive statement, right?
It's been posted on the signboard of the local Christian radio station for months.
If we assume that "He" means God...
then it really is important to know who the "You" represents.
If the "You" means Christians, then I am fine with the sign-God is not mad at us.
But if this is a blanket statement, telling all who read it that
"He Is Not Mad At You"...
then that is bad humanist thinking masquerading as theological thought.
God is indeed at enmity with a sin-plagued humanity which is absolutely
filled with hatred/ at enmity with Him.
 "He Is Not Mad At You" is awfully close to the lie that God is too loving to send anyone
to hell.
God is loving, but also just, and hell will be full of people who have rejected His Grace, the atonement made available through Jesus Christ.
Bottom line: if you are not at peace with God, then God is not at peace with you.

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Doug said...

May God richly Bless you today.