Monday, April 25, 2016

Targetting The Target

QUICK! Before another musical icon dies and sucks up all the internet, allow me to make nice regarding the TARGET Bathroom foofoufraw.
Attention all LIBERALS: Be warned that this is an ELECTION YEAR, and y'all have been lukewarm to the RACE so far.
So: be wary of ridiculous argu-fights being foisted on us all which are DESIGNED to get your Liberal juices flowing.
Last year you never heard a single whisper about trans gender bathroom choices.
Or don't-makes no never mind to me.
So, about the time that the picture above was taken, I was on board an icebreaker which dropped anchor next to a tiny town in Greenland.
Being a sailor, I went along with my mates to see the sights, which is sailor code for find all the bars.
Only one bar in the town.
I was an 18 year old know nothing in a strange land.
After a while I needed to use the bathroom and...only one bathroom. No lock on the door; not even sure that there WAS a door. Just a sign that said "Unisex Bathroom".
I cut my night short and made my way back to the ship.
I believe that the Target store decision may make things worse...for Target.
Trans-gender peoples must only be (guess and approximation) like .00000001 % of the population.
I don't like the idea of 'boycotting'.
If people boycott Target to the extent that the business begins to lose money and close stores...lots of employees who had nothing to do with the bathroom decision might lose their jobs.
My advice-pretend this whole mess never happened and go about your lives. Three months from now it won't even be an issue. Why get all angry about an issue which will soon go away?
As for you Liberals-come up with some substantive issues which we can discuss. It's an election year-surely there is something to talk about!

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Doug said...

I do not plan to boycott Target, but I don't shop there much. It's like my fourth choice-if I don't find what I'm looking for at the first three, they will garner my coin.
One of the perks of being MY age is that I don't need much; I've already filled my house with good stuff.