Sunday, July 03, 2016

Atheists Blessing Christians

Sounds like I'm joking-"Atheists Blessing Christians"? In what mad universe, Fredric?
S'true, though.
Heard a sermon today about humility, of how God humbles those whom He will.
Christians most especially aren't exempt. He humbles us for our own good and for His good purposes.
We Christians can suffer from pride/arrogance just the same as any other bi-pedal non-monkey.
Atheists may not believe He exists, but they are doing the Lord's work when they criticize/point out the hypocrisies of the saints.
Case in point-a few decades ago an evangelist named Swaggart was discovered to be having sex with a prostitute who was not his wife. This made the headlines for a few weeks, and Swaggart begged forgiveness from both God and the world.
When he was later caught once again with a prostitute, he claimed "The Lord told me it's flat none of your business."
Enter our hero, Frank (Joe's Garage) Zappa.
Guitarist. Atheist. Snappy dresser.
Zappa released "Jimmy Swaggart versions" of some of his songs. They are...what you might imagine.
I am a Christian who will remain imperfect until Heaven. I fall into sins as we all do; anyone who has known me for a while could probably point to this or that and say, "Doug is a hypocrite and a  __________ and there's the proof!"
Atheists  delight in finding such proof and broadcasting it. I try to live my life so that they have noting to talk about...but there's that Pride thing again.
Keep us honest, Athei-buddies. But be careful that none of our pride/arrogance/hypocrisy gets on you and turns you into simulacrums of Us.

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Doug said...

Zappa died 23 years ago, but his imprint/music is still going on though his family, just as Thelonious Monk's family has kept his work out there for fans to enjoy.