Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I Expected No Less

So...what's new, politically?
Oh yeah-FBI recommends no charges for Hillary Clinton concerning her home server fiasco.

I'm not surprised-this be a corrupt world, and the corrupt cream still rises to the top in every corrupt society. Since this world is upside down, they actually descend...but I don't want to scare the kiddies.
Do you want dictators? Because that's how you get dictators.
Not a betting man, but I would bet that IF Hillary hadn't gotten the "All Clear" from the FBI, we wouldn't see President Obama standing next to her in the fot-op above. 
I obey the laws of the land in which I live
I am an alien.
At least that's the term Peter used in 1Pet2:11.
Here, I live under a corrupt government in a sinful world.
But my residence is in Heaven.
According to scripture, Christ will return and rule the nations.
We will be with Him, though we do not yet understand how the world will
change, or what our particular roles may be. 
I look for that day. 

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