Saturday, July 02, 2016

Lost 'cause

Word in the neighborhood is that Hillary Clinton is being interviewed by the FBI concerning the home email server business.
Won't matter a fidget for her supporters-they don't care.
Won't change the minds of anyone else, either.
Those who already don't like her weren't going to vote for her anyway.
I'll share one of the secrets of the Universe, so please listen carefully:
The only way that Trump might be beaten in November is if Joe Biden
steps in (it) to supplant Hillary Clinton as the nominee.
He may be the epitome of a goofy TV sitcom Dad...but he isn't hated by
many of the Democrats that can't stand Clinton.
Please remember that wisdom guided by experience is out the window with this
Past is no predictor of the future.
See you on the other side, Rhodes.

1 comment:

Doug said...

Please remember that although Man scurries around this planet with heads full of Big Ideas...God is in charge of every molecule of our entire existence.
I don't worry about who the next President will be; really, if it is stressing you out, please be good to yourself and accept the things you can't change.
We've survived Obama-how bad could it get?