Sunday, September 25, 2016


For those of you who intend to watch the "Thrillah (of the) Vanillas" Debate Monday night,
the Rules have been leaked:

RULE: Clinton is allowed to sit down during the National Anthem, but MAY NOT raise her fist
in protest.

RULE: Moderators are allowed to address Clinton as "Madame President" but MAY NOT call
Trump an egg sucking hound. However, they ARE allowed to address Trump as a 'homophobic racist deplorable'. 

RULE: While Trump is answering a question, Clinton is allowed to smoke discretely.

RULE: Every time Clinton lies, Trump must take a shot of tequila. 

RULE: Every time Trump tells the truth, Clinton is allowed to fume and look angry.

RULE: Moderators MUST update the audience on the Falcons/Saints game at least every ten minutes. Unless it's also a blowout.

1 comment:

Doug said...

What will happen Monday night?
I'm guessing that it will be boring, with neither side scoring a knockout. Brees will throw four touchdowns, but the Falcons defense will
sack him at least that many times. Ryan would do better to hand off the ball instead of staying in the pocket, trying to make something happen downfield.