Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fear'n Not No Matter {Or Anti-Matter} What Happens!

Picture above is of a chilly morning a few years ago-in this context it denotes a Horizon which
we seem to be traveling towards in a hurtin' hurry.
No lie-whilst we zip around our anthill cities busy working our busywork and arguing everything from baseball teams to Candidates...I can't help but see God readying this world for Judgement. I've read enough of God's Word to recognize actions which being Blessing and other actions which bring Curse.
Guess which actions dominate this current landscape?
You hear Christians and some Othren speaking of the Tribulation period of the End Times.
Christians look forward to this, not because we are sadistic haters of humanity, but because it signals the return of Christ Who will rule His Creation from Jerusalem.
He will put an end to human striving and governance. No more elections!
I am not making light of the Tribulation which will occur-nothing as terrifying has ever taken place before...except.
Except God once brought Judgement on wicked Judah/Israel in Jerusalem in a passage which reads like a type, a symbol/model for the final global Tribulation.
This is only my opinion-I could be absolutely wrong; I am not a scholar, just a Christian seeking to learn from Scripture what God reveals.
But Ezekiel chapters 8 through 14 (or so) do seem to be a template for coming worldwide Tribulation.
You Christians out there, if you have read this, I encourage you to ask God for understanding, to open those chapters for you as you read them. And I mean that-read them.
As for the Othren, those 'Other than Christians' who think that God is a lie, a fraud, a manufactured religious Scarecrow propped up to keep peoples subservient to other do the same.
Ask God for wisdom, to open the Scriptures for you...and you may find that God is Real.
We can all be encouraged by the fact that Jerusalem's future is much brighter than it's past.
May God richly Bless you today.

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Doug said...

The anti-matter of the title is a remnant of the original intent of the post-I was going to go in a different direction, but here I am.
Christians and Othren alike should be encouraged that God's Creation has a much brighter Future than the present icky bad hate filled mess we now inhabit.