Saturday, September 10, 2016

Respectful Something

We're all thinking of this Day, this anniversary of 9-11-2001.
We didn't know what to do, how to process what had happened.
The young lady pictured above acted. 
At the resort where we worked she set in place our small memorial around the flags,
tea candles in white bags which looked wonderful when lit.
I took this picture before they were lit to signify lights gone out, lives lost.
I've always appreciated what my friend did, how she gave us a focus,
a way to show our respect for those who died on that terrible day.
May God Bless her and you today.

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Doug said...

Title of the post might seem odd, but we wanted to do something respectful back then, and my friend came up with the perfect memorial.
I don't mention her name out of respect for her-this is one of the very few times I have posted a private image of someone without getting permission first. But I think she would approve.