Friday, September 02, 2016

Sad In A Pantsuit

Full admission-Hillary Clinton isn't one of my favorite people.
Her assumption that she can win the election is galling.
She seems to believe that IF she can successfully denigrate/demonize Donald Trump...
SHE will appear to be...the better option?
If someone lies to me, it offends me.
The baked in assumption is that they can get away with it because:
A: either I'm too stupid to know that they are lying OR
B: they don't care whether or not I know that they lie. I mean nothing to them.
Hillary Clinton expects voters to trust her?
Here's the honest truth: Trump will win the election because he is not
Hillary Clinton.

1 comment:

Doug said...

What is it with the pantsuits, anyway?
Only one wardrobe choice to make each day?
Perhaps she thinks it makes her look Authoritative?
"Boy, I wasn't going to vote for her, but look at that pantsuit! She means business!"

Six months from now no one will remember who she chose as a running mate.