Tuesday, November 15, 2016

No Moral High Ground In A Swamp

Y'all wishing evil on President elect Trump, nipping at his heels-you are fighting against our collective Future.
Swamp creatures of the [D] AND [R] varieties will egg you on, keep the hypermental fires burning against those who support President Elect Trump's plans to Drain The Swamp (DTS).
January 21st WE WILL be living under a Trump administration. 
Don't fight against our future.
You and I need PEACE.
We can have PEACE.
But only if we are peaceable.
Expect the Swampers to fight dirty, to obfuscate and lie.
Expect the Media to dance to the Swampers tune.
Trump promised Term limits. Term limits would go far in draining the swamp.
Term limits isn't a Republican or Democrat ideal-if it were, it would have been
implemented already.
Such limits are an American ideal-the President has a term limit, and we love that.
If a Representative or Senator is term limited,  no man or woman will be entrenched in political deadlock for very long.
Right now we are paying way, WAY too much for nothing being accomplished!
If you don't like Trump just as I don't like Obama, follow my example:
in eight years I have always accepted that Obama is President while opposing just about everything he has done.
I have respected the Office holder, and the Office, even when he has proven himself to be disrespectful of most of the beliefs that I hold.
You can survive four years of Trump. Prove how good you are, be a good citizen and vote him out of office next chance you get, in four years. Peace.

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Doug said...

Peace is my favorite five letter word as pertains to my daily life.