Saturday, November 12, 2016

You Want CRAZY? Oh Yes, I'll Show You CRAZY~!~

60, maybe 70 something years old. This old man rode up to the ship on a bicycle, wearing an ancient leather football helmet.
He was SCARED almost to DEATH...but a Man on a Mission. He asked if I was the Officer in charge and, for that time, for an old man so serious and frightened...
"Yes I am. How can I help you, sir?"
He handed me three pages of scribbles, told me to get a helmet so that THEY couldn't control my mind, a helmet that would protect my ears from the ELFwaves.
I shook his hand and thanked him and he scampered down the ramp and onto his bicycle, never to be seen again.
I noticed that his leather helmet had earholes; maybe THEY got to him after all!
Why he would approach a military ship? No idea. But Paranoia possibly picks and chooses heroes and villains.
Maybe he thought that we were 'safe' and not "in on IT" because he saw two robins that morning. Or he saw something in the clouds. Favorite song on the radio-whatever.
If you want to see on the pages above. And get a good helmet.

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Doug said...

I got out in 1981, so this happened in 1980 or so.
I WAS a 3rd Class petty officer-i just didn't tell the old guy that I was a cook.