Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This Poor Woman Has Suffered Enough

This isn't mocking, or me being sarcastic-I think that the misguided "Let's force the Electors to switch their vote!" people are doing harm to Hillary Clinton.
Her defeat was most devastating because she and her faithful were so certain that she would win.
When she conceded the election, that was the end-she was done.
We've all had failures, we've all been hurt by losses.
Those who are threatening Electors, or promising to pay any fines if there is a penalty for switching their votes on December 19th...they are the ones who keep fresh the election loss for Hillary; they hurt her by not letting go of a mad hope.
Do you see her campaigning? Is she calling for Electors to switch their votes? No.
She's a pragmatist.
Let it go.
A handful of fanatics attempting to pressure others into changing the outcome of an Election-that is not democracy.
Time to move forward.

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