Sunday, November 13, 2016

Save Your Giddy For Heaven

No, this isn't from tonight with its 'el supremo luna'-but 14 months ago. Doesn't matter-been thinking about the euphoric and desolate emotions cascading back and forth across the body republic.
The Always-Trumpers feel great, and that's okay. 
The Never-Trumpers of all stripes have felt terrible, but that's normal, and that emotion is already
passing. People get on with their lives. We are resilient that way.
Why my yammer, then?
Taken as a slave to Babylon, he thrived in service to a succession of Rulers DESPITE the
Never-Daniel elements nipping at his heels for 70 years.
Trump promised to 'drain the swamp' of Washington.
He hasn't taken office yet, but already the swamp creatures are planning their defense, seeking to remain in power.
I would use 'The Battle of Helm's Deep" as an example except that would cast Trump as an Orc, so let's just say that President Trump is going to face fierce opposition from creatures who have been entrenched in Washington for decades.  
The Never-Trumpers of 2016 will nip at his heels all through his Presidency. Half of them will have an "R" after their names.
Balaam son of Beor comes to mind. When Balak, King of Moab tried to get Balaam to curse the Israelites, God wouldn't allow it. But Balaam had an idea-the Moabites should cozy up to Israel and entice them to inter-marry with Moabite women...and thus draw them away from their purpose and their God. Ballgame.
I imagine that the Trump team is going to face all kinds of enticements to MODIFY Obamacare and Planned Parenthood rather than exterminating them. 
Joshua and the people of Israel were supposed to 'drain the swamp' entrenched in the Promised Land. Didn't go as planned, and the nations which were supposed to be wiped out continued to fight against Israel for centuries.
Bottom line: Okay to be happy that Trump won, but the task ahead is monumental. Pray for him and strengthen his resolve if he seems about to falter. By that I mean yell your head off if he drifts off course. Respectfully.

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Doug said...

I also encourage the Washington swamp creatures to think about the fact that Trump will be in power in January-President Obama is going to continue to push his agenda until he steps out of the Oval for the last time. Don't help him. Don't encourage him. That lame duck will fowl his nest,(see what I did there?) but in January he is GONE.