Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Call it Mountain Gospel-close enough

I don't know that the Lord is going to take me soon, but I feel lead to post a song I wrote years ago, which is to be sung at my funeral. I don't dwell on death, and am hardly morose or morbid, but I wrote the song, and shared it with my friend Pam, who is much more talented musically than I am. We sang it in church once years ago, and she's promised to sing it for me...if needed. I think Jesus is going to be coming back soon, so,as it might be unnessesary, here we go.

"Cry no tears for me, when I'm gone.
I'm going home. Going Home!
The Lord said to me, You will be in Paradise
So cry no tears-I have no fear.
I could never stay in this world
Once I found someone Greater, Yes Greater!
And guess who He is?
I think you already know-
I'll be living face to face with my Creator!

Cry no tears for me when I'm gone.
I'm going home. Going Home!
When long days are over,
And mist has burned away
Then I will see
His Love is more than I can now express-
He Loved me, when I was just a mess.
He said, "New Life you can live
If your heart you truly give-
I did, and since I've been living Blest!"

Well, that's it. I was living in the South when I wrote it, further South than John D even! It's basically a country gospel song. I was listening to worship music of Don Moen tonight at work;he's very talented, blessed by God with an ear for simple, lovely worship songs.
I encourage anyone interested in Worship to check him out.
And to all a good night.

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