Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Random thoughts Tuesday

(As if giving it a title makes it more official)

The flag of Israel is perhaps the most descriptive emblem among nations:
The “Star of David” has points defending the center in all directions, on a field of white which stands for Holiness, bands of blue above and below the Star designating Peace.
Israel is cupped in God’s Hand, and is Blessed as His Special Possession. Someone at peace with God will desire Peace for Israel, and for those whom God has given the land to: the Jews.


I have found (remember...Random thoughts Tuesday) the nearly perfect cup of coffee. It is instant, it is strong, it is very good: “Ganocafe Classic”, from Malaysia. I found it in a Christian bookstore/mission, so it has to be good. All ‘fiends for the bean’ should look for it.


I love to see creative endeavors undertaken-God instilled creativity within us-the first task given to Adam was creative: to name the animals God had made. le asked that Allan or I post one of her songs-and it’s a great song-the more creative we become in honoring God instead of ourselves, the closer we are to His heart’s desire for us. The world’s “creative” people generally focus all of their creative energies on themselves.


Robert Benchley, in kindergarten, recited a poem his older brother Edmund had given him:

“My mother-in-law hath lately died,
For her my heart doth yearn
I know she’s with the angels now
‘Cause she’s too tough to burn.”

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