Friday, August 08, 2008


Are you willing to entrust your future, your next four years to a junior Senator who has never accomplished anything? Who has shown disdain and contempt for our country? Who has proven to be as facile a liar as any Clinton?
All Hail Obama the first!
You can't stand still in a hurricane, folks. I've watched enough television interviews, read enough online prose (prosit!) to become a mindless follower of Barack Obama! Yay!
It may take me a while to get up to speed, but I hope that my fellow Obamaniacs will have patience with me. I've never caused any woman to have to abort a baby, but just give me a chance! I will be the advocate's advocate on Abortion, because Barack is the MAN! And he thinks Abortion is cool! Me too!
I haven't ever looked down on my fellow Americans because they have enjoyed 'windfall' profits...but watch out, Wall Street! You're on my list now! What's good for Barack OBVIOUSLY must be good for me also!
Please spare me your excuses about why we are at war, Red staters! (Hey! I'm getting the hang of this stuff!) I feel safe enough with Obama, Reid and Pelosi watching my back!
I'm going to buy another car just so I can overinflate four more tires and save the environment from those wacky oil barons!
As for you Clinton losers who are talking about a ballot fight at the Convention...are you trying to make me cry? Hey! I just realized! That makes me a Victim! How cool is that! I can do and say anything I want, because in Barack's America, I, as a victim, now RULE! No childish left behind!
All of you neigh sayers who don't think that a junior single term Senator with no administrative experience can possibly succeed when placed in the hardest job in the world...phooey. He can so succeed. So there! You are SO obviously racist, which, once Barack and the Dem Congress get their way, will be a Capital crime. Meaning that you race haters better make out your wills,
so you can leave your stuff to the better, brighter next generation of beautiful people. See you at the gallows, Red Staters!

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