Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Few Kind Words For Keith Olbermann And Michael Moore

This began last night with my mother attempting to ‘get my goat’ while we were talking about politics. I mentioned that Michel Moore has a video out proclaiming that hurricane Gustav about to hit New Orleans on the first day of the Republican Convention is proof that there is a god.
My mother praised Michel Moore’s intelligence, said that she believed he was right on every single issue. But my goat was not gotten, as I’ve been through such stuff many times over the years.
Actually, I do think that Michael Moore is intelligent; we disagree on virtually every issue, but that doesn’t mean he’s dumb, anymore than it makes me smart.
Moore made millions of dollars in the last 9 years attacking George Bush. Say what you will, an opportunist who can turn hatred into a lot of cash, a mountain of cash, isn’t dumb. Immoral, but not stupid.
Many non-Christians think that Christians are suckers, fools easily parted from their money every Sunday morning when the plate gets passed. Moore has separated many fools from their money, and they love him for filling their hearts with hate, their heads with nonsense. But I wouldn’t want to be Michael Moore on Judgment Day, when he stands before God and has to answer for his sins. Ouch.
Speaking of ouch, Keith Olbermann, a NBC/MSNBC broadcaster, has perfected “the rankle”-the most irritating tone of words ever to come out of a human mouth. What he says about Republicans drips with such contempt that it would be surprising if it doesn’t corrode his insides soon.
I followed a news article about Olbermann back to his ‘Wiki” page and found a few positive things.
He had been a smoker for years; after a health scare, he not only quit tobacco but encouraged others to quit before their health deteriorates. I can amen that.
Olbermann was a sportscaster; I remember him at ESPN, before he made the big time with his own show. He is an ardent baseball fan. So am I, so we share the ‘brotherhood of the ballpark’.
This wasn’t so hard. In the past I have posted sarcastic, but today I am sincere, finding a few praiseworthy things to say about Olbermann and Moore. I can even squeeze out a little praise for Bill Maher, the political comedian. He recently suggested that some of the newscasters gushing about Obama had gone way overboard in their admiration for him.
No argument from me. I’d better quit now before my bona fides stop being bona.

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