Saturday, September 13, 2008

JABA the Nutcracker

I have a weakness which I wish were in a blind spot so that I wouldn’t keep noticing its presence in my Id.
I’m an incurable comic. I constantly think in puns and punch lines. Anyone reading FDW over the past few years has been subjected to posts dreadful in their naming:

“Putting the Ha Ha in Brouhaha”
“Who Put a Potato In Your Hat?”

You see how it is for me. And now JABA the Nutcracker. I ask for your forgiveness in advance, and remind you that FDW is worth the price you pay: $00.00000 per visit. If you’re time is valuable, and time is money, I’d better get to pointing towards my point.

Jaba. Not the Jabba of Hutt fame, but JABA-Just As Bad As.
We’ve heard it often through every election cycle: both sides are corrupt, both sides throw lies and mud at their opponent, neither side is right, we’re stuck.
Calm down, Jethro.
T’aint so, and t’aint funny, McGee. This is reminiscent of the Middle East Jamboree, where one nation (Israel) is considered JABA it’s close enemies, just as much a villain on the world stage as Iran or the ‘Palestinians’. T’aint funny there, either.
One of the two pictured above (um….Hobbes.) suggested that in the conflict between Georgia and Russia, both were at fault, one was JABA the other. Nope.

This is a hard nut to crack: how can someone be convinced that one candidate is in fact NOT just as bad as the other? I’m partisan. That’s not a bad word. It means my mind is made up as to whose policies and ideals more closely resemble mine. It means I have a side which I believe in, and one that I don’t, the same as most people.
There’s been so much persiflage and protestation this election that I don’t want to add to the stew. Vote for whom you want, vote against whomever you don’t, may the better team win. If, in your mind they are equal in their “Jaba-ness”…flip a coin.

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