Friday, September 19, 2008

License To Ill 2008

Ah yes, the Beastie Boys of Autumn are coming back, and we should be ready.
Have you ever seen a person act inexcusably while intoxicated? That’s fancy language for:
“Have you seen drunks do stupid things?” Yes, yes, and yes to your next question.
As long as it is a social event: birthday party, holiday, big game…social drinkers are forgiven anti-social behavior, just so long as:
Nobody saw it
Nobody heard it happen
The cops don’t catch you.
You’re only guilty if caught. Isn’t that an interesting concept? Rather than being hindered by a conscience
(which, when a drunk is about his business, is bound, gagged and tossed in the truck of a car) the only rule is: don’t get caught.
Eventually, everyone sobers up; the conscience escapes the trunk and starts causing kettledrums to beat inside the head of those who have ‘drinker’s remorse’.
But this isn’t a post about alcohol consumption.
Near the end of every election we endure those charmless gremlins who steal the yard signs of opponents. “The Grems” might also key a car with the ‘wrong’ bumpersticker in a parking lot, or, as happened in 2004, shoot shotguns into campaign headquarters, slash tires on vans meant to get out the vote, physically beat those with whom they disagree politically.
Partisan pride is the excuse-it’s considered forgivable, as “both sides do it” (see my post on JABA), ‘the other side is evil incarnate, so they deserve much worse than they got.’, etc.
No, No and No.
Those who attempt to justify such behavior stain both their political party and their conscience. If your “blowing off some steam” becomes criminal, then you are guilty, whether or not someone witnesses your offense.
Don't be a partisan gremlin, and don't applaud the fools when they boast about their exploits.
For the record, I have never so much as touched an opponent’s yard sign. Or been drunk. The conscience is so much lighter when you accept responsibility for your actions, and have nothing to regret.

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