Friday, April 10, 2009

Clerical Error, Chocolate Crosses and Deacon Blues

No static, man. No static at all. I’m very happy to have the weekend here and the workweek done. A few notes:
Rick Warren seems conflicted these days. Maybe his life needs more purpose and less PR. Look him up if you’re interested.

I heard many people wish each other “A Happy Easter” today, which is very nice. I love that my Savior rose again after being put to death as a sacrifice for my sins. Resurrection is my hope, too, and my joy, 365 days a year. I personally don’t like “Easter”, as I’ve written before, but you know what? Even a twice a year acknowledgment of Jesus Christ is welcome.

One of my co-workers handed out chocolate bunnies today. Not little inch high bunnies, but 5 inch solid chocolate bunnies, each in their own box. That was neat, and very much appreciated. I gave mine to a friend who has a little boy- I like chocolate just fine, but too much is.
I have heard that some companies make chocolate crosses-that just seems wrong to me.

As for the Deacon blues in the title, just a word or two. I know that many more people show up for church services on Christmas and Easter. That is fine, welcome. Most churches have Deacons, whichever the denomination, and those Deacons oversee the church, do more behind the scenes to make things run smoothly than you may ever know. If you happen to find yourself in a pew Sunday, seek out one of the Deacons and thank him for his service to the church family. It might just make his day.
Happy Resurrection Day!

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