Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Spot Of Tay? It's Good For The Soul

Call it affirming where my heart is. I am pleased to see that the idea of the "Tax Tea Parties" has spread across the land. Peaceful demonstrations, citizens exercising their Freedoms of Speech and Assembly, opposing the onerous new tax scheme of the Government. How did I do my part today? I went to work. I earned a days wage, which, by this time next year, will be somewhat diminished, as the taxes now threatened will come to pass.
I love the symbolism of the Tax Tea Parties. King George never said, "I won the election, so we'll do things MY way!" but he did turn a deaf ear to the Colonials who demanded the right to govern themselves.
If President Obama and his Greek Chorus Congress start making noises that opposition to their rule is unpatriotic or (whisper it) traitorous...they may find that Servants who pretend to be Rulers can be over-Ruled and fired.

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