Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Said It Was A Tool

I was reading an article today by a lady named Limbaugh, and if you just tuned out, that is what her article was about: how she is branded by sharing a last name with the Conservative Limbaughs.
She is Liberal, and makes no bones about it. She often meets people who assume things about her because of her name, and she is getting tired of it.
What is happening? Uncritical thinking, emotions kicking up assumptions which tar her with the same brush as her cousin Rush.
Emotions engaging the mouth while bypassing the brain.
"I don't need to think about it-I know!"
Hold on there, Junior. We're about to get to the point:
Don't let your emotions rule you. Emotions are supposed to season Life, making it better if not always sweet.
Right now I'm watching the shenanigans being perpetrated by the Democrats and am amazed at the lack of critical thinking being applied by the general populace. Here's a tool which may help you regain your critical footing:
Pay attention to both what President Obama says and does. You love Obama, voted for him, etc.
Imagine President Bush saying and doing those same things. Would you look on President Bush with the same admiration? No?
If it's wrong when President Bush does it, how can it be right simply because President Obama is doing it?
The Democrats have lied to you. They continue to lie to you every day. And you get angry with those of us who tell you the truth.
Critical thinking, friends. Don't believe the liars. Apply some critical thought to what they are doing to you and your country. Before it's too late.

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