Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May God Bless President Obama

A few months ago I wrote/posted a story where President-elect Obama, before the Inauguration, came to Christ and became Born Again. His fellow Democrats, his advisors, didn't know what to do, couldn't comprehend that Obama was now one of "Those" people they had always mocked and ridiculed.

Fantasy? It was certainly fiction, but not all that fantastic.
Think about it-President Obama has the hardest job in the world. He may also have one of the largest egos, but he's human, like all of us, and every decision, good or bad, that he makes as President is going to be remembered for a long time.
God opposes the proud, but gives Grace to the humble. President Obama appears proud. If we accept the Bible as true, we must believe that he is going to be humbled. It may be soon, it may be years from now; it may only happen when he stands before God in Judgment. But the proud will be humbled.
No matter how confident he appears in public, the private Obama may be insecure, scared, unsure of what to do and who to trust.

30 years ago, God extended Grace to me, brought me into His family. I pray that God will extend that same Grace to President Obama.

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