Monday, April 06, 2009

A Little Night Reading

First, one more bid for critical thinking, as the next name you see might cause you to eject that reasoning tool and let your heart do the talking. I've been re-reading one of Ann Coulter's earlier books, "Treason" which is sub-titled "Liberal treachery from the cold war to the war on terror."
The book details over many chapters the years from the mid forties forward when "Red scare" "HUAC" "Alger Hiss" and "Joe McCarthy" played in the top ten of newspaper headlines.
I asked my parents what they remember about Senator Joe McCarthy, and the first word I heard was "criminal".
I have no interest in re-fighting old politics-if you choose to draw devil horns on Joe McCarthy's memory, have fun. The point of this post is this:
There were indeed Communist spies working against our Country, seeking our defeat and the supremacy of global all levels of our Government. We survived. We made it to the 21st Century, through the Grace of God.
I believe that God indeed rules all of our Creation, all that we know and can see or touch. Like Pharaoh's army chasing Israelites into the sea, man cannot frustrate the will of God-He decides what happens when, and when He protects a country, that country is safe. If He decides to destroy a country, that country is finished.
I don't worry about much-I simply appeal to God to take care of me, of my town, my country, my world. I see no other Savior.