Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Righteous And You're Glue

Here's a funny. There are some people out there (and around here) who want to be godly without God, who wish to be known as righteous without bowing down to the only One who is.
These people often have unkind words for hypocritical Christians; their condemnation of hypocrisy is (to them) evidence of their superior morality.


They aren't righteous.
They aren't superior.
They aren't even moral.
They are worse than hypocrites, caught up in the fantasy that their reliance on their own righteousness is good enough, close enough to godly for them.
It won't even get your shoes shined, friends.
I am one of the Christians who doesn't always act or appear Christian. I am one of the 100% of Christians who fall into this category as easily as we fall into sin. But here's the kicker:
None of us is trusting in our own Righteousness, and most of us know better than to try.
We are not righteous apart from the righteousness imputed to us, put into our account, so to speak, by God.
So when you see us caught in some sin, know that it grieves us, as we know it grieves our Heavenly Father. When we slip and fall, we cry out to God, asking for mercy.
What do you do?

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