Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will The Real Christians Please Stand Up?

One of the problems non-Christians run up against as they try to define "Christians" is: no good examples. They only recognize "Bad Christian" flaws. That would be like defining a rose only by it's thorns. When they see (or pretend to see) only the bad side of Christians, they can't help but fall in to the trap of caricature.
"Hateful religious bigots going around judging everybody else as if their sin don't smell just offal!" (Forgive the pun-I'm in one of those moods again)
Announcing Doug's first semi bi annual FDW Christian Character Contest: Whichever un-Christian can post the highest number of Positive Christian attributes without mentioning the Salvation Army wins a prize to be determined by the sincerity of the contestants. And this post can't be used as an entry.
Scratch your heads, people! Christians MUST be good for something; we can't all be good for nothings!

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