Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Spirit Is Weak But The Flesh Is Willing

Another busy weekend, lots of stuff going on. I nearly almost just about sorta kinda decided that I would skip church tonight, as I was tired...but I'm glad that I went; it was a wonderful time of fellowship, and a reminder to me that I live by faith, not circumstance. I would have been just as tired if I had given into circumstance/feeeeeeeelings (whoa-oah) and stayed home, but it was better to be in fellowship. Now, with as near to a clear conscience as I can muster, bed to off am I.
Wait-it's part of my Blog duties to natter on about President Obama speaking at Notre Dame, receiving an honorary degree for keeping Abortion legal or something-I've been too busy to hear/read/follow the news. Tell you what-if Obama sets up an image of himself in the as yet unbuilt Jewish Temple to be worshipped as me.

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