Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She Found Out

“My troubles are many, they're as deep as a well.
I can swear there ain't no heaven but I pray there ain't no hell.”
Laura Nyro~ "And When I Die"

If you’re old (like me) you probably know the Blood, Sweat and Tears rendition of the song. But Laura wrote it, and sang it first; I mention it here as an example of what I think could be called the “Hopeless If”.
The ‘Hopeless If’ simply means that people bet their lives that Christians are wrong (swear there ain’t no heaven) while admitting to themselves that if Christians ARE right...they are in trouble (pray there ain’t no hell).
This is betting against the house, against a sure thing, putting all your hopes in a strawman’s basket. Have you wondered why so much effort is put into proving Christians wrong, discrediting the Bible?
That If is hopeless. Trusting in God is well founded Hope. May God grant you the Grace to believe.

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