Friday, February 05, 2010

The Books Of Daniel

Pastor Dan. Dan the Man. Dan operates a Christian bookstore as part of his ministry, and I stopped in today, looking for something. Here's how it went:

"Dan, I'm looking for the John MacArthur study Bible, or any of his books."
"I won't have them in the store. None."
"Really? Wow."
"He preaches against the Gifts, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; Jesus DIED for those gifts! And I won't have him in my store."
"All right."
"He's a good teacher, but..."
I'm thought, how can Dan call MacArthur a good teacher, if he is totally against his teachings?
So I said, "Well, I guess you just pushed me out of your store."
"Okay then. Have a good day. May God Bless you."

He does and He did.
On the shelves of Dan's store you can find all kinds of goofy books- I've mentioned my friend Chrystal's site, "Slaughter Of The Sheep"-the false teachers that she warns Christians against are all over Dan's bookstore. But he also carries Charles Spurgeon, who would be aghast at the ridiculables being perpetrated today in the name of Christ. Or maybe he wouldn't-he had his own Pastor Dans in his time.
Longish story short, I will still visit the bookstore if I need materials, but I won't be asking about MacArthur. Swegos.

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