Sunday, February 28, 2010


I tell ya, sometimes it's fun to be growing older. One of the rites of passage I navigate in this year is getting a physical inspection from a doctor. I've had the physical part, and go back in a few days to get the results of the blood work. No worries-a little bird told me that I'm fine, just slightly elevated this or that, nothing too fierce.
Here's the heres: a lifetime of being a non-smoker, a non-alcoholic are now paying dividends.
Up until 7 years ago, I always had physical working jobs, so 30 years of labor type work help me to maintain some fitness, even though I am now a chaired worker. I foresee being a healthy 80 year old someday, kept busy going to the funerals of my slightly less unfit fellow human beans.
The one virtue (often called a vice) in my life is Coffee. If I were to give up coffee, I might better pass a physical exam, but I wouldn't enjoy Life as much. I enjoy seeing the world through coffee-colored glasses. Ooops-my cup is empty. 30

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