Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roger That, Signal Apha Delta

Roger Ebert has been pinging my Libdar lately, calling for Rush Limbaugh to be horsewhipped (Lu, please-enough with the head nodding!), championing President Obama's Admin of Errors, promoting hate hate hate for every 'Red State' idea of his political opposites. S'okay.
I've enjoyed his reviews for years, and each Friday I usually end up on his blog to check his opinion of the new movies. Fine fun, especially when I disagree with him.
I know that Roger is surviving Cancer with a capital 'C'. He can't speak with his own voice, so, being rich enough to afford such things, he has a voice emulator which gives him the 'voice' of Hal the computer from "2001 A Space Odyssey ". Plenty good.
Roger fights the idea of going gently into that dark night; knowing time is short, he is raging at those he disagrees with. Speaking up before he's silenced forever.
There's an old storyline: someone is close to death, decides to tell off everyone they've ever contended with, really lets them have it, burning every bridge. Then they find out that they aren't dying, and will have to face everyone they hated on. The last sentence never happens in real life.
Roger, thanks for all the great insights into the movies. If it makes you feel better, Rip up Conservatives until you R.I.P. It does them no harm, and it doesn't matter if it does you no good. It might be better to emulate Hazel Flagg from "Nothing Sacred" who showed such Grace in the face of 'death' that she inspired many to Bless instead of hate. But go with what you got. Thumbs up.

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