Monday, February 15, 2010

Give Him An Out

I haven't done political for awhile, and please, believe me-I don't want to get very mucho politico
now. But this is for our own good.
I'm thinking that President Obama is already looking for a White House exit strategy which won't harm his image. He is bright, smart enough to know that most of America isn't willing to live in HIS ideal of what America should be. We are happier in the America we build for ourselves. President Obama makes the Republicans look like geniuses when they oppose his policies.
I've said before that I doubt that President Obama will run for re-election. Rather than face being defeated as Carter was in 1980, I think he'll make an announcement in the next year that, due to ________ or ________, he will not seek re-election.
Fill in the blanks. Give the guy an out, whatever occurs to you: a promise made to his kids, a health scare for his wife which has made him re-evaluate blah blah blah...whatever.
If you hadn't noticed, aside from Patrick Kennedy there are a number of Democrats getting out while the getting is good. President Obama may find that that is a parade that he wants to get in front of.
If he announces soon, that will give his party time to groom a successor. Possibly one which President Obama would appoint to a 'showy' post, where he or she could emphasize the leadership credentials. I'm kinda positivecertainabsolutelyforsure that his initials won't be Joe Biden.

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