Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random 613 Thoughts Of A Tuesday

Who brunk the thunk? Or brings you his thoughts free of charge? Yup.
If time is money, and I save you some up.
I haven't done a Random Thoughts scatter for awhile, and sometimes I need to derail my trains of thoughts; untrained thoughts sometimes go to better places, where rails don't run.
I picked up a movie last weekend which reminded me of how funny 'Funny" can be when done by professionals: "Seems Like Old Times"-Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn do great justice to Neil Simon's script. I liked it better than "Cats".
Now that the dust has settled in New Orleans following the Saints victory, I'm waiting to hear those magic words: "Pitchers and Catchers report".
President Obama doesn't think we like his ideas because he hasn't explained them enough.
We understand. He's been clear. That's why we don't like his ideas.
I'm beginning to doubt that he will seek re-election. Why settle? He could be the head of the Untied Nations someday. I can see him now, standing before the assembled assembly, sword brandished, shouting, "By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!" transforming into He-Man, Master Of The Universe!"
Or he'll just retire to New York and write a book.
Sade performed on the Letterman show last night, sounding quite good. She was the best part of "Absolute Beginners", and I spin her up on my iPod, every once in.
Speaking/writing of...I'll stick with iPod,tanxa. Unless I gain a LOT of weight and height, an iPad would look just ridiculous on my unhip hip. I listen, not look. My iPod holster is adorned/held together with black duct tape; it's served me well through three generations of pod. Selah.

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