Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From OUCH!! To HOPE!!!

I just read a quote on my friend Chrystal's site: "Pride is the mother of all heresies."
St Augustine said a mouthful there, but pride is just as much a burden for non-heretics.
Do I see issues of pride in my own life? Yes-my skillset is small, but I can do some things well, and I am as susceptible to "Big Head Syndrome" as anyone.
We are admonished to "Humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord." Pride makes us not want to look at God. We don't want to measure ourselves against His Righteousness.
But there is HOPE. One day, we will be transformed out of these sinful pride-ridden bodies to live in harmony, happily humbled before the throne of God. We won't care then about who has the biggest boat, or  golfed with the fewest strokes, or has bought a new car. We're supposed to be keeping up with Jesus, not the Jonses.

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Doug said...

The picture on this post is an example of what I used to take pride in. God made the beauty of the scene-all I did was stand on the shore with a camera...and yet I thought so much of my pictures that I offered a shot to the local newspaper.
God has a sense of humor. The publisher was happy to put the picture on the front page, but something about my manner put him off. I could tell it at the time, but I figured he was just having a bad day.
My picture made the front page. A beautiful panorama one inch square.
Thank God for humbling us when we need it, and we always need it.