Thursday, June 02, 2011

Searching For Daynight

If the end of the world does erupt, texters will find out last.
Look at this girl, her back to Van Gogh, tweeting that she's bored. Bored.
I can't toss rocks though. There's a picture of me in a high school yearbook where I'm sitting oblivious, lost in a book.
I don't get texting, though. If it's a generational thing, I must admit to not getting kid's shoes with little wheels in the heels, either. I would fall on my back if they came in size mens 10.
As for the title-I'm time shifting, and it is part struggle, but all will be well.
If you see someone texting in public, go up to them, ask them questions in a made up language, pretending to not know english. It will give them something to tweet about.


Doug said...

the pix? ah the pix. More from then.

Kathy said...

Hello Doug. This is regarding the lower comments. I'm sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for the reply!

My parents are Catholic but we only went to mass once in my entire childhood. I didn't understand what was going on. I've wanted to go back, but have been afraid. I see abuse in the church and can't get over that. So I have been looking at the other churches. We have TBN on our satellite. Those people seem like shysters, saying the will pray for you and asking but asking for money in the same sentence; then spending 10 minutes trying to sell their books. I just can't get over that either.

So I am coming to people who say they know God and am asking them how they talk to him. You said sin seperated us from God. How did that happen? How would God be working people's heart? I don't understand.

Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...


You should stop while you are ahead with Doug. Doug will refer you to his interpretation of Christianity which will be pulled from years of evolving conceptual nonsense. His version is American "Christian" Fundamentalism. This means he has tied his "god" to far right wing politics. You really should read his whole website.

In terms of accepting his "god", he will tell you there are only a chosen elect few who are really all that his "god" cares about. That's it. The rest of humanity is "tortured" "forever" in a burning furnace once they die. I'm not making this up, he really believes, or says he believes anyway, strongly in a literal "hell". The only way you will accept this is to believe you are above every one else in a conflicting way. You will be above every one else and at the same time his "god" will love all his children equally. His "god" has "commissioned" you, the elect few, into "spreading the gospel". This means saying the standard evangelical phrases, which won't be binding if you aren't already the "chosen few" and which won't make sense logically. And that is - you must accept the terms, and all the terms forever more that are interpreted by the most holy class of evangelicals, preachers, and people like Doug, you must accept the terms of the evangelical god agreement, not on its merit, logic, sense, morality, etc but its declaration that is true flatly. You won't be able to question it at all in any way whatsoever but just believe that it is true period.

And the way that it is tied into politics. Every war, and every conflict is orchestrated for his "god's" pleasure and whim. And typically if its a Republican president that has made the decision to kill/take over the assets, etc, of a people it was a holy decision made by his "god". Democrats do it too by the way, but it isn't as much celebrated - the point is to engage in Holy War - the "War against Terrorism". You will learn all this by the most Holys - talk radio Right Wing "Christian" Fundamentalists, and some pastors.

I could go on and on. But the important thing to remember is to use your own mind to figure this out. And keep reading every perspective. Don't accept any terms without reading the whole contract.

Doug said...

Lu, you seem rarin' tonight-I hope that you are having a good day.
Kathy, it is simple. you can avoid me, the shysters on TBN and all other 'others' who may seem confusing.
Go to God. Sincerely seek Him, and ask Him for the faith to believe.

As for Lu-check out "Chuck Missler"-I recently started listening to his podcast, and he is very informative. Between Missler and the "Wretched Radio" podcast with Todd Friel I hardly have time left to confuse the masses. It's a beautiful day here, and I can't can't summon up enough care to pick nits.
May God Bless you.