Thursday, June 30, 2011

Your Arrogance Is Hilarious

Not to me, of course-I'm just a guy at a keyboard. I'm talking about ARROGANCE towards God and His children. It makes God laugh.
"12    The wicked plots against the righteous     And gnashes at him with his teeth.
13    The Lord laughs at him,     For He sees his day is coming." Psalm 37:12-13 

I've quoted these verses before here at FDW...some things never go out of season.
Read this next part carefully: If Sarah Palin were an atheist, but still (somehow) holding her present political beliefs...she wouldn't face one thousandth of the vitriol she now endures.
If she were a Buddhist, we would hear no outcry that, if elected, she would attempt to change us into a Buddhist country, forcing HER moral code on the populace.  
Let's look back a few years to 2004. John Kerry is a Catholic-do you recall anyone getting riled that Kerry would attempt to enforce a 'Catholic' moral code on us if he won? Nope. Because he is the type of Catholic that protects abortion-a Catholic that even Bill Maher could love. Kerry is of the 'gnashing his teeth at the righteous' persuasion. He makes God laugh.
I don't know if Sarah Palin will run for president. I hope she does, either this time or the next. That would make me happy. That would make you happy too, even if you are a teeth gnasher-your country would be improved, and think of all the snarky anti-Palin books you could buy! How many Liberals got rich by calling President Bush an idiot? A Palin Presidency for them would be like printing money. Who doesn't like money?


Doug said...

Think about that book thing. Sarah Palin writes a book about how America is a great country. That is positive.
Mike Moore writes a LOT of books purporting that America is a terrible country. Negative.
Why are the positive happy people on 'our' side, and 'they' have Moore and Maher, Garafalo and Olbermann, all mocking and mean?

Because what is inside you is what comes out of you.
Have a good day, pilgrims.

Lucia said...

Mocking, yes. Mean, no. Pointing out room for improvement, yes. Tearing down America, no.

Do you ever watch Jon Stewart? He gets huge laughs just by reading what people said. He holds a true mirror up to us, and we come out all fun-house, and we laugh. And wince. He makes fun of Obama too.

Strangely enough, I too would like to see Palin get the GOP nomination. Running against anyone else, Obama is probably in trouble, although we have a long way to go yet. As I said before, if he has Palin to deal with, all his ads have to say is, "She bailed on the job of governing a population smaller than San Jose's, and you want her running the country?"

I think you are blinded by the fact that she's a pro-life Christian who can pitch the red meat. There are tons of them out there. You can do better.

Bill589 said...

I noticed that some on the Left are producing anti-Palin movies.
However, they are not producing an Obama movie.

Let’s see: The movie could be called, ‘The Obama Nation’, and show O’s childhood, his parents, and then his grade school friends, his college friends, his political friends, his community organizing, and then . . . what was his accomplishments? . . .

Never mind: I just listed a bunch of reasons why there can never be an Obama film.

This is yet another example of the natural advantage of having the truth on our side.

Doug said...

Lu, your constant meme on Palin is that she left her job as Governor of Alaska 'early' so that disqualifies her from running for President?
Are you sure you want to make that your criteria?
Obviously you reject her explanation, that the media onslaught waged against her was such a distraction that it was interfering with her ability to govern.
You do realize that Obama left the Senate early, that he would have been up for re-election this year?
But of course he had a good reason for abandoning his Senate seat...which he hardly ever sat in anyway. He is ambitious.
Left in his wake was a Governor taken down for trying to "sell" that seat. The "Chicago way" of doing government is corrupt-that is wrong.
Governor Palin may very well become President Palin soon. It's good news for democrats and the fetid media which has attacked her that she IS a Christian-we're all about forgiveness when being wronged.