Saturday, June 25, 2011

Virginia Katherine McMath

Look at Ginger and Fred. They are smiling, dancing, enjoying life. They did their part to cheer us out of the Great Depression, following Shirley Temple's lead by dancing dancing dancing. Almost always with big smiles, perfect rhythm, and Art Deco production designs.
This won't be the only mention of Virginia Katherine McMath that you will see-July 16th is her centennial celebration. I may take down one of their films and watch it tonight.
Funny how these posts go astray sometimes-I was going to write about a modern actor who seems to be full of sour pickles in every interview...but more wag and less bark, and he doesn't deserve to be named in a Ginger and Fred post.
Okay, it's decided: "Swing Time" and "The Maltese Falcon". Ginger and Bogey. That's a night of entertainment!


Doug said...

One of their odder pairings is "Carefree" with Fred as a psychiatrist trying to help patient Ginger without falling in love with her.
Since I've rejoined civilization I now have Turner Classic Movies and a DVR. S'cool.

Doug said...

Hoo boy-actors: