Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Know Something You Don't Know! Nyah Nyah!

See if this fits your world view: If knowledge is power, then Secret Knowledge is secret power!
The world is suckered again and again by this trick. If I know something that you don't, then I have an advantage over you. Versa Visi also.

Please Forgive me-I just had it in my head to make a gnostic acrostic. That's how my brain works.
Back to the flame. On the telly they have an entire subgroup of programming where "Secret Knowledge" is picked out like meat from a crab. Free Masons, Rosicrucians, Psychic Pets flipping houses, UFOs, and how Kathy Griffin continues to find work. Amazing! The Stuff THEY Don't Want You To Know!!!
Yeah yeah.
Back in my younger Christian days I read works by a man named Salem Kirban who supposedly had the down low on "Everything" from a Christian perspective. Nope-just another goof. If he were alive today he could make a good living as a talking head 'expert' on the cable/satt shows preposturating "Secret Knowledge".
One of my favorites: "Brad Meltzer's Decoded". Brad and his investigators track down the hidden in plain sight Mysteries of the Secret World.  They have fun. They are fun!
Secret knowledge exposed by the light of the world turns out to be no big deal.
It doesn't matter if the Free Masonist Illiterati Rosy Cross-tatians (forgive me-a crab pun) plan on taking over the world before Dec 21 2012 when it all supposedly ends.
Compare the sum total of all human knowledge against this simple truth: God knows more, and Man is less.
Every cracked pot (see Caractacus, who thumbed his knows at the Romans) thinks that he can 'rule the world'.
Hitler, Napoleon, Alexander, Ben Affl...scratch that...they all took their shot. But no one can 'rule the world' unless they are able to dispossess God, Who owns all of His Creation. And our arms too short to box with God. We're just kids playing in His sandbox. Have fun.


Doug said...

If you're keeping score at home:
Versa Visi=Visa Versa

preposturating=preposterous combined with pontificating

illiterati for ilumminati

Notice the time that I posted this. It is a clue to a secret about my life!

Doug said...

Huh. I was perusing the nets, checking out movie stuff, and came across this:

A good read. Indeed.

James said...

Apparently, you haven't been paying attention to the American Family Association. They suggest that a coup is being plotted by a secret cabal of militant gay men who gather every Sunday night at show tunes and who seek to force grown straight men to wear Abercrombie & Fitch and do sit ups.,19325/


Doug said...

American Family Association? I thought they sold insurance.
The new Weird Al album comes out Tuesday-"Apocalypse This"-he has always cheerfully mocked religions-"Pretty Fly For A Rabbi", "Amish Paradise",
"Everything You Know Is Wrong".
The album cover shows Al as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, first mentioned in Zechariah and later in the book of Revelation.
Offensive? Could be.
I've got plenty of other worse things which offend me more than an accordion playing comedian.