Sunday, September 09, 2012

Descending Into The Den Of Liars

Oh my. I sometimes suffer a bit of cultured shock on Sundays-in church and during our Bible study TRUTH
is affirmed and valued and then, coming home, I check a few internets sites where TRUTH is as unwelcome a visitor as Paul Ryan would be at an Obama fundraiser.
One place I just dipped my toe into rhymes with 'Ruffington Roast'-I was curious as to how they would cover the news of the day.
If there were such things as alternate reality time lines, Ruffington Roast might have traveled through a wormhole from somewhere odd/else to appear on our internets. It might be from a dimension close enough to our reality to share personages, but...different.
"RuffRo" seems to think that our President has been doing a super job, and that his opponent, also called Mitt Romney in their dimension, is some sort of financial scoundrel.
Here's a reality check you can cash anywhere: If the late, greatly beloved (by some) Mother Teresa were the Republican adversary of President Obama, you would be seeing Mom T trashed by most of the media.
They would demonize Jesus if He were a Republican!
Mitt Romney is a decent man who will probably be our next President. The (sounds like) Ruffington Roast and others of their...ilk...are probably already warming up their pixels to narrate what a terrible job he is doing as President.
Then they can once again pat themselves on the back and crow about how courageously they "Speak Truth To Power"...after four years of abject silence.

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Doug said...

Speaking of God, today I read the Liberal "fibrications" sprouting up from the DNC convention "vote" over amending their platform to "re-include" God and Jerusalem 'honorable mentions'.
The video was quite illustrative of the sentiment AGAINST both.
That the Dem Party had deleted such mentions in the first place shows where their hearts are at. That they allowed themselves to be forced to 're-include' God and Jerusalem shows weakness.
I noticed that the Dem member calling for the re-inclusion of God and Jerusalem, Ted Strickland, referred to himself as "an ordained United Methodist minister".
So I checked him out-according to the wiki:
"Strickland worked as a counseling psychologist at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio. He was an administrator at a Methodist children's home and was a professor of psychology at Shawnee State University. His only known pastoral position within a church was a very brief associate pastoral position at Wesley United Methodist Church located at the corner of Offnere and Gallia Streets, Portsmouth, Ohio (now Cornerstone United Methodist Church)."
I think he mentioned his 'ordination credentials' so as to appear righteous and Godly...but he also copped that he was the co-chair of the committee that struck God and Jerusalem from the platform in the first place.
Way to go, Pastor! I mean, Way to go, Psychology prof and former prison psychologist!