Monday, September 10, 2012

Nine Eleven-Eleven Years On

Well, here we are. A sad anniversary, one on our minds even if we don't speak of it.
I'll get to the horse in a minute.
We're still fighting wars against that hateful ideology which brought on those attacks eleven years ago, and
that is something-something terrible but necessary.
Okay, the horse. Back in 2001 I was working with Lithuanian college students, which I've often mentioned
on this blog.
I was looking through my archived pictures for this post-I was going to put together a picture taken on 9-10-2001 with one from the next day when Everything Changed.
I have some nice, happy pictures from 9-10...but here's the thing. I'm very protective of my friend's (and my) images, and I hardly ever use them at FDW.  That's why I don't facebook, or twitter, or have any social media presence on the Internets aside from Fine Dry Wit. Once it's out there, it belongs to the world.
Linas. Linas was one of my Lithuanian friends with whom I shared many adventures that Summer of 2001.
We bought our very first digital cameras the same day, same store. 2 megapixels! We instantly filled up our data cards taking pictures of the group; I still have my very first digital pic, a picture of another friend, but you won't see it here. I happened to take another one of her on 9-11-2001 in the evening, after the attacks had taken place. Not here either.
Back to the horse. In September, all of my friends flew back to Lithuania. The next Summer, Linas and a few others came back to work at the resort again; I was no longer there, had moved to my present job and area, but we got together for a great day of visiting.
As we were parting, Linas gave me this little sculpture made by a friend of his family who is an artist. Whenever I pick up the horse, I remember the good times of eleven years ago.
We no longer live in that more carefree world, but that's all right-I am grateful to God that I am here in 2012.
Read Habakkuk if you want to gain some understanding of our world today.

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Doug said...

I think I'm on my fourth digital camera now-picked up a few years ago to do the photography for a friend's wedding.
Right now, sitting next to my digital
I have a "Brownie Hawkeye" which belonged to my Dad-if you want to see what it looks like:

As noted, this is a sad anniversary, but I believe that Christ will return soon-when? No idea-but when He does, it will be the end for all false religions, including Islam. One of the images of that future time will be a Jerusalem without a protective wall, where peoples live in Peace.
I'm ready for that.