Saturday, September 22, 2012

Go Censor Yourself

This is so predictable. The Eternal Rage Merchants of  "Death To All Who Depict Mohammed" infame
are carrying out violence and threatening MORE reprisals if the United States Government does not appease them by restricting OUR Freedoms of Speech and Religion!
If disrespecting someone else's religion is a capital crime, then Bill Maher and Penn Jillette should be in hiding.
Basically, Islam has a gun to our Government's head and is threatening to pull the trigger if our Government doesn't censor US!
Hey Islam-go censor yourself.

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Doug said...

Ah, the creative joys of blogging.
First I was going to use a picture of a little girl, saying that Mohammed was hiding behind her...but nah.
So I went with B&B. Mike Judge being Mike Judge, he'd probably laugh at this depiction of his boys as Allah and Mohammed.

I'm a Christian. I know that Islam is a false religion, and even if the entire world turned Islamic except for would still be false. It's not a 'majority rule' kind of thing, nor a 'Country's religion is decided by the religion of its Rulers' thing, as in the days of Henry the Eighth, Mary Tudor, Lizzie the First, etc.

God is. Allah isn't. Mohammed was the L. Ron Hubbard of his day, cobbling together a religion from other sources.
Where Hubbard 'stole' from Hinduism, little "Mo" ripped off both Judaism and Christianity, with a topping of moon goddess worship.
Neither alleged religion deserves respect, no matter that our "Appeaser In Chief" Obama and his false prophetess HilClinton raced to the lectern to see who could apologize the most fervently to the Islamic terrorists who killed our Ambassador and his staff.
Remember the old adage "Your right to hit me ends at the tip of my nose"?
Islam can squawk all it wants about how great Mohammed and Allah are. Freedom of religion-I don't care if they shout it from the rooftops.
But when they start throwing non-Muslims OFF of those rooftops for the crime of not believing in Islam...they are wrong.
Deadly wrong.