Wednesday, June 12, 2013

He's Just The Oz,He's Just The Oz, The Oz You Want

Join me in a few momes of unreality. Just finished watching the Special Features on the Blu of
"Oz The Great And Powerful", which I picked up yesterday and enjoyed last night. If you have
Blu Ray capabilities, get Ozed-you won't regret.
"But Doug", you might inquirate, "This picture doesn't go with that show."
I know.
But I did say momes of unreality, as in plural.
"Detour" from 1945 starring Ann Savage and Tom Neal also is fantasy-tastic.
I watched it on Youtube recently after prompting from a post on Movie Morlocks, and it is it's own
exceptional little noir animal.
You remember how nasty the Wicked Witch was in the original "Wizard of Oz"?
Setting Scarecrows on fire, threatening to kill young Miss Gale over shoes (must have been a sale), etc?
Wicked Witchie was a sweet saintly little grandma compared to Vera in "Detour".
Check them both out.


Doug said...

Oh yes-the title. I found the picture of "Detour" on a weblog
which also had Devo playing "Girl U Want" so that's what I was listening to when I titled this masterpiece.

James said...

I have yet to see Oz but I intend to. I'm doubting it will match the 1939 original with Judy, though. Yes, you can see the painted backdrops ... but after decades, there's still a magic to it that few musicals (or films) today can match.

Doug said...

James, consider not judging one film against the other-they are two different animals. I appreciate the original and really liked what Sam Raimi did with this one. This Oz may not have Judy, but it does have Mila, Rachel and Michelle, all of whom do very good work.