Friday, June 21, 2013

Ragin' Creation

3    The foolishness of man ruins his way,     
      And his heart rages against the LORD."
                   Proverbs 19:3

The rat race is full of rats. In nearly infinite ways Mankind messes up, fails, lowers the GPA of our
"The foolishness of man ruins his way" should be carved in stone somewhere.
Why does his heart rage against the LORD?
Lets use one of my favorite examples of ruined way: alcoholism.
A guy drinks. A Lot. His body becomes more corrupted with each gallon of alcohol imbibed.
HIS foolishness ruins his way (his body, his family, his life) and what does he do?
Accept responsibility for his actions and his alcoholism? Nope.
He rages against the LORD for making him, for creating alcohol, for allowing him to become addicted,
for destroying his everything, get the idea.
As I said, nearly infinite ways. Some poor souls confabulate a dozen or more 'ways' to screw up their
It aren't pretty.
And it aren't necessary. The wisdom of God greatly overshadows the foolishness of Man.
God has taught us in His wisdom that our highest purpose is to honor God.
The flip side of the proverb above could be stated as:
"The wisdom of God profits a man in his way, 
 and his heart will rejoice in the LORD".

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Doug said...

It should be understood without comment, but just in case, I'm not suggesting that my 'flipped' proverb can be found in the Bible-that was merely my approximation of the oppo of Proverbs 19:3
Here's a good sidenote for you-even Christians mess up their lives as we are indeed human and will not see perfection or the eradication of faults on this side of the grave.
But because of the free gift of Salvation, because of God bringing us into His family, our faults will not keep us from being allowed into Heaven. The idea of Christ's righteousness being 'credited to our accounts' is what keeps us from being bankrupt eternally. Who wouldn't rejoice in a God who would do that for us scruffy humans?